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Many of us are aware of the transformative power of education – in changing lives of not just individuals that got educated, but their families as well. Groups such as Asha for Education have been engaged in empowering children through education for 20 years now. Today’s post is devoted towards one such initiative – the Timbaktu Badi.  Asha has had a long-standing partnership with Timbaktu. Its been instructive, humbling and inspirational to see how a group of individuals could transform the ecology, environment, and community in a region over a couple of decades through a sustained commitment towards the right kind of inclusive development of the region.

Today, one aspect of their work could do with support. The Timbaktu Badi is looking for “Support A Child” sponsors for the children that go to school at their facility. Asha Bangalore will serve as the medium of communication between interested sponsors and Timbaktu and the children. Please visit their site for more information, and spread the word.

In another post I shall share more about some of the other interesting initiatives at Timbaktu. In an environment where Impact Investing is gathering momentum as a buzzword, there are several impactful ways in which people can engage with Timbaktu and see a good return (social, financial, and sometimes both) on their investments. It takes patient, visionary work from people like Bablu and Mary and their supporters to make this happen.

Updates: To learn more about Timbaktu Badi you can visit its website. Since Prakruti Badi is closed Timbaktu Badi will also have day scholars starting this year, but the SAC program will be supporting only the residential children at the Badi. . These are children who were at risk or in severe neglect that Timbaktu come across as part of their work in three mandals. Thanks for the updates, Sanjeev!

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