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It began as a casual conversation with an entrepreneur who had reached out to me via LinkedIn two years ago. I did not think much of it then and I’m not even sure how useful my “expert” feedback was to him. We kept in touch over the next few months as I pondered over MBA programs and he gave me advice and contacts in return. Once he got funded and I looked at the backgrounds of the two founders, I realized that this was a unique opportunity for me to have a ringside seat to contribute to, and watch something unique being built from the ground-up and I jumped at the opportunity.

And man, what a ride it has been so far! Blue Jeans Network has grown into an incredibly talented team of people and we’re launching our product today! We have been in beta for several months, trialing out our service with several enterprise customers and responding to and improving upon it based on feedback. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been part of this amazing team. Watching the CEO and CTO over the past year and a half as they put this together from a powerpoint slide-deck to a product that the CCO can now take and market to the world has been an amazing learning experience.

I’m not sure if this will be the best thing since sliced bread or not. But one thing is for sure – videoconferencing will never be the same again. Traditional models for this space are outdated and will be transformed with the Blue Jeans experience. And it will be a fun and exciting ride!

Watch this space for news articles and updates as part of the launch!

Press Release


Information Week

Ascology News

Network World

WSJ Blog




June 30 –

DT partnership announcement – Wireless Week


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