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Often, one forgets how one takes some things for granted. In the developed world access to electricity is one such thing. Most of us have not experienced life without power for too long. Even among the luckier folks in developing nations, blackouts are temporary and eventually we get back to our comfortable lives with lights after sunset.

Sadly, this is not the case with large swathes of the world where people have no options for lighting after the day ends. Children are unable to study, hospitals unable to function properly, farmers unable to do work and livelihoods impacted due to shortened work hours. To get around this, families use cheap lighting alternatives like wood fires and kerosene lamps, which are injurious to health and deleterious to the environment.

One Million Lights, a group that I’m fortunate to be associated with, has been at the forefront of tackling this problem in countries in Africa, Asia and South America for 2.5 years now. As an organization we are in an exciting phase of our lives where several partnerships are falling into place and we are looking forward to scaling up ourselves as an organization in a big way in the coming years.

Today it gives me great pleasure to announce that Energizer is teaming up with One Million Lights as part of its Energizer Night Race series. Watch this space for more announcements about this, but our website will be updated with more information in the coming weeks and months. For more information you can also visit the Energizer site that talks more about the races.

These are being held in several cities around the world, so if there’s one near you, sign up and run! It should be a fun race, and it is a great cause! If you wish to donate towards One Million Lights you can do so by emailing me if you need more info, or by visiting our website.

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