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Adam, Isaac, Steve …

The greatness of this man was his simplicity. Round, metal-rimmed glasses. Instantly recognizable, unchanging attire. Rail-thin figure. A look that pierces through you into your soul. An unwavering, uncompromising attitude towards his principles. An amazing ability to rally his troops behind him. The vision to transform the world around him, and the grit and resolution to make it happen. The capacity to drill his message down to the barest essentials, and build a new world out of that simple, focused vision. The foresight to see the future, predict it, work towards it and prove every one of his critics wrong…

.. I’m referring, of course, to Mahatma Gandhi. Or am I? It sounds blasphemous to compare the leader of the largest nonviolent movement in the history of mankind to that of what was, albeit briefly, the most valuable US company with questionable manufacturing and supply-chain practices. But that critique can wait for another day.

Today’s the day to celebrate the life of a man who built not just one, but several companies from the ground up to great heights; not just one product, but a series of them, each questioned for their appropriateness for the market, each selling like hot cakes and disproving every critic. A man with the incredible ability to take functional devices and transform them into fashion statements,  with user interactions and design elements that are simple and intuitive, and yet were never thought possible before. A man who brought the core principles of art and design into the DNA of a technology company and succeeded like never before.

So here’s to you Steve – thank you for transforming the way generations experience technology. The way technology made its way into daily life – education, healthcare, services – through the incredible mobile devices that you conjured up at One Infinite Loop.

Its amazing how the three men in the title, through that one fruit, transformed the history of mankind …

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  1. Rajiv Iyer said:

    Well written Anand. I enjoyed how you the connected the title characters and then one more.


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