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The 30-second MBA

In a world where screenplays are being written in 140-character tweets, how does one convey business concepts to the business leaders of tomorrow?

Enter Fast Company and their novel concept of the 30-second MBA. Business leaders summarize one key lesson learnt from their careers in a bite-sized form-factor that even today’s world of attention deficit can digest.

How did I find out about this? My CEO, Krish Ramakrishnan, was one of those business leaders profiled as well. You can catch his take on what it takes to be an entrepreneur here.

One of the perks of working in a small startup growing rapidly like Blue Jeans Network is the opportunity that you get to pick the brains of the founding team and the leadership team as the company grows and learn the reasons behind the choices they make. The other, of course, is to wear multiple hats, and be stressed about all of them as well. All in all, a big firehose to drink from to get business lessons first-hand.

Maybe there should be a 30-second MBA spot on that!


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