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Recently, one startup that has been getting a lot of press is Pinterest. With good reason. Seems like a great interface and interaction model to visually summarize people’s interests and have others respond to it. Quora has curated boards for questions for example, but not visual and not quite the same interaction model or ease of use as Pinterest. This also seems like a reductionist, almost logical culmination of blogs from Blogger, to WordPress to Tumblr/Posterous, to Pinterest. Along the way a few paths diverged towards self-organizing Q&A forums such as Quora and micro-communication platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. And I’m sure there are another dozen that I missed.

But all of these are still public fora where what you “pin” is effectively in the public space. If one wishes to share links within a collaborative group of people, what are the options available? A quick searching around on the Internets did not yield much success. What would be ideal is something where the content tagging is as simple as pinning into a collaborative board, and content consumption is restricted to a group and is as easy as an RSS feed or an auto-curated FlipBoard-like visual interface.

Any products out there that meet the need? And oh, did I mention I’d like for it to be free too 🙂 ?

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