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One Million Students

Today, SunPower went live with their announcement about the partnership with One Million Lights through which we intend to reach One Million Students and teach them how solar energy works and how it is being used to generate clean energy at several of our partner sites across the world. Kudos to the content team that worked with SunPower Foundation on building this curriculum and field tested it to rave reviews in local schools.

Along with other interesting experiments being conducted in the Bay Area in education, this program presents a unique way in which several aspects of the elementary, middle or high school curriculum can be taught around sustainability, clean energy and cool technological innovations that can transform energy use patterns in the developing world. Not only does solar provide a clean energy option, it often provides a cleaner health option as well as it protects the children and families in these regions from the ill effects of burning kerosene lamps inside their houses.

Interestingly enough, this is not a problem of the developing world alone. There are thousands of families that live in Indian reservations in the US that have power lines running a few miles from their homes but still need to rely on kerosene for their lighting needs. Through groups like Eagle Energy, we’re partnering to make a difference within our borders as well.

The larger impact though is to bring back lessons we learnt from our work internationally to our schools, so the leaders and policy makers of tomorrow see the value that clean energy options brings to the lives of millions around the globe. We at One Million Lights believe we have a compelling curriculum to make that happen. And we hope to raise more awareness and funds towards this in the coming years as we scale this nation wide.

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