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The year 2012 so far has seen so many product announcements in the area of videoconferencing. What used to be a “can it be in the cloud” question three years ago has now become a “how can we work with it in the cloud” question within the enterprise. Innovations on the interoperability front are driving video conferencing adoption like never before. At the same time, the bring-your-own-device mantra is slowing catching on within larger enterprises as well, though slowly as they wrestle with bandwidth and IT support needs.

In the middle of all this, one trend seems to be unmistakably clear. People like to see each other on a conference call, if it can be made easy and affordable. And watching that premise grow from a powerpoint to reality has been very exciting indeed at Blue Jeans Network.

Today we announced our Series C funding. More importantly, we announced the ability of any Blue Jeans caller to join with just a browser. Browser to Board Room TelePresence System via video is now a reality. And outside of any proprietary island that only talks its own language – be it Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Microsoft or Google. Its exciting to be part of video conferencing history as it is being made.  Kudos to everyone at the company who made this happen!

And one more thing – it happens to be our one year anniversary as well this week, since our launch! So show us some love, gain yourself some street-cred – visit the  demo center and test this out for yourself today!

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