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On knotty issues …


In honor of the Tumblr acquisition, this post will be short and sweet.

Many of you might have faced this problem, but not had the time to go read up on it, so here goes. 


I’m a lazy “shoelace-tier”. I’ve learnt it one way and stuck to that all my life. I didn’t seem to have any problems with it until I came to the US, where the shoelaces started coming off quite often. I’ve heard several explanations for it – that it is due to static, that the material of the shoe lace matters are among them. 

All this, of course, until I came across Professor Shoelace. In one quick video, he set me straight with what I had been doing wrong all these years. And of course, the shoelace coming undone problem has gone down by an order of magnitude!

Also came across another site devoted to shoelace knots. Go re-learn your knots and liberate yourself!

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